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Manyo of Japan ( is a famous supplier of forging machines with their unique lever drive mechanism. The lever drive delivers the rated machine tonnage at a much higher distance above the bottom dead centre than the more common crank or link driven machines. Manyo is especially famous for their ultra fast and ultra precision billet shears. They are also famous for forging presses, forging rolls, upsetters, and twisting cum coining presses. They deliver also automation solutions like 3-D servo transfer bars, robot automations, quick die change systems, etc.

Please find below brief descriptions of some popular Manyo machines.

MANYO Billet Shear – Ultra Precision Steel Chopper

MANYO offer the most advanced Billet Shear Machines & knowhow to the industry to overcome very high hurdles to achieve Near Net Shape Metal Forging in cold, warm & hot conditions. The Range includes the LBS Model from 100 Ton to 1000 Ton capacity and the latest DLB Model with the capacity from 100 Ton to 1600 Ton.

The Latest DLB-MW type Billet Shears incorporates, following distinguished features:
        Lever Operated Ram Stroke with 0.5m per sec for high speed cutting.
        Confined hold Cutting system with Stationary & moving knife.
        Cassette type Knife blade changeover system.
        In-process weight control system of cut blanks.
        Safety system for prevention of foreign particle to working area in case Ram stops
            at the bottom dead centre.
        Automatic Elimination system of bar stock’s end material.
        Prevention System of cutting to taper.
        Height adjustment system of end material of bar stock.
MANYO Billet Shear – Ultra Precision Steel Chopper  

This machine cuts billet to close squareness, flatness & roundness with very uniform weight / volume. There is quick changeover of Knife Blade. It minimizes operator’s attendance & work.

MANYO Forging Press

Only Manyo Forging Press of Unique Lever Linkage type, can offer the incomparable capabilities needed for ultimate aim of production of near net shape forged parts in forging Technology. The Presses makes CRASH forging possible. Also production of near net shaped forged product is possible by closed-die forging technique.

The Lever Linkage Type forging Press makes it possible to perform mechanically, with complete safety ,crash forging in which upper die bottom directly contacts with lower die for complete die-closing by avoiding dangerous hitting action.

Manyo offers wide range of Presses from 600 Ton to 4000 Ton Capacity.
MANYO Forging Press  

MANYO Forging Roll

Manyo Forging Rolls provides excellent strength & enduribility with the frame made of the 40mm-thick steel plates, the 150-mm diameter manipulator axle, the die stations made of thick cast steel& the Arms with high bending strength.

The outstanding features ensure that the user will be totally free from conventional problems during machine operation.

Manyo has supplied the Biggest Forging Roll in the World to Bharat Forge Ltd - Baramati for making Crankshafts.
MANYO Forging Roll  

ABV and Manyo have worked together since 2003. We have sold more than 45 Manyo machines to almost all major forging companies in India. We also provide the installation and maintenance services.

ABV also fabricate, deliver, and install the bar feeders and bar magazines for Manyo billet shear.

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