Vibration Testing System  
When we design and build anything – whether a building, a bridge, a machine component, a complete machine, a vehicle - it must be tested at various stages to ensure its worthiness. We must test its structure for mechanical worthiness or strength. We must also test it for performance.

If we cannot test an actual size structure, then we need to build a model. We need to simulate the actual loads and environment conditions. We need to perform both static and dynamic tests to understand how and when the structure may fail.

Rapid advances in sensors, in high speed computations, and in electronics, as well as market demand to develop new products at much faster pace than before have led to various specialized testing systems.

Saginomiya Seisakusho of Japan ( is a leading supplier of Vibration Testing Systems. Please find below a brief description of their main products.


Saginomiya : Dynamics Servo testing system

With 50 years of testing system experience Saginomiya provides the advanced and latest technologies in testing systems. Saginomiya’s test systems cover extensive test objects ranging from materials of products to finished products.

Saginomiya’s patented products are Elastomer testing system and High Speed material test system and also is well-known for customized testing systems for automobile industries.

Testing systems are broadly classifieds in to as below:

         Material test system
         Vibration test system
         Fatigue test system
         Test system for Automobiles
         Test systems for Aircraft and Railroads
         Test system for Civil Engineering and Construction

ABV and Saginomiya have worked together since 2002. Please find below a reference list in India.

Saginomiya Vibration Testing Systems in India - Reference List
  Customer   Location   Product   Year
  Tata Motors   Pune
  Suspension Parameter Measuring Device   2003
  1 kHz Elastomer Tester   2008
  SERC   Chennai
  2000 kN Actuator   2007
  4 x 4 m, 30 T Payload, 6-DOF Shake Table   2007
  2 x 2 m, 10 T Payload, 6-DOF Shake Table   2007
  5 T x 4 Actuators for Pseudo-dynamic Tests   2007
  M & M   Chennai   300 kN x 1, 150 kN x 2 Actuators   2006
  Sona Koyo   Gurgaon   3-axis System with Linear & Rotary Actuators   2006
  Jai Parabolics   Gwalior   200 kN Actuator with Controller   2007
  Bridgestone TVS   Chennai
  50 Hz Elastomer Tester   2009
  100 Hz Elastomer Tester   2009
  50 Hz Elastomer Tester   2011
  Pyung Hwa India   Chennai
  100 Hz Elastomer Tester   2002
  300 Hz Elastomer Tester   2002
  Tokai Rubber   Bangalore
  300 Hz Elastomer Tester   2011
  300 Hz Elastomer Tester   2012
  SSS Springs   Bangalore   50 kN Fatigue Tester   2012
  Renault Nissan India   Chennai   200 kN Fatigue Test System   2012

ABV also provide the installation, calibration, and maintenance services for Saginomiya equipment.

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