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Drums / Pulleys for Conveyors

We at ABV, designing and manufacturing Drums or Pulleys for bulk material handling conveyors which is suitable for Mining and construction machineries. We are manufacturing pulleys capable to withstand in continuous operation even in Hazardous environments. Our pulleys are complied with IS and international standards.

Salient features of our Drums/ Pulleys

  • Shaft parameters like Runout, roundness is perfectly tested.
  • Pulleys are carried out Static & Dynamic balancing to achieve maximum performance.
  • Customised Painting as per customer requirements.
  • Pulley shafts are ultrasonically tested.

Head Drum

Tail Drum

Tail Drum

Our In-House manufacturing facilities for Drums / Pulleys

  • CNC Band saw cutting machines.
  • Plasma cutting Machines.
  • Semi-Automatic Lathe machines
  • MIG Welding Machines
  • Dynamic Balancing Machine
  • Auto Dry Painting Booth

Head Drum

Tail Drum

Rubber Lagging Drum

Rollers / Idlers for Conveyors

Rollers / Idlers are the heart of the conveyor system. The Rollers / idlers are playing a major role in the conveyor system. The Roller’s low friction coefficient would reduce the power consumption and improve the belt life in conveyors. It results to reduce the Downtime of the Conveyor system by using good quality Rollers.   So ABV is very much keen to manufacture very high quality idlers / Rollers to generate very low fiction coefficient. Our Rollers / Idlers has a guaranteed to perform up to 60,000 hours without fail. Our Rollers / Idlers also complies with ISO, DIN and other international standards.

Salient features of our Rollers / Idlers

  • CNC Machined Roller shafts
  • Tested with Dust ingress & Water ingress to compatible for hazardous environments.
  • Shafts are made with ultrasonically tested metals.
  • Equipped with Global branded bearings.
  • Rubber lagging made with natural rubber.

Support Roller / Centre Roller

Wing Roller

Trough set Roller

Our In-House testing facilities for Rollers / Idlers

  • Run Out test Equipment.
  • Water Ingress test Equipment
  • Dust Ingress Test Equipment
  • Friction Test Equipment

Return Roller / Knock Roller

Impact Roller

Silicon Lagging Roller

Contact us for your Drums & Rollers related requirements.:

Contact Person: Dr.Binod Kumar Bhartia
Mobile               : 080 – 66338861
Email                 : binod.bhartia@abvindia.com

Garland Roller

HDPE Roller