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ABV Group, founded on 12 January 2000 in Bangalore, is focussed on Steel Fabrication, Installation of Machines, and Trading. We operate through two companies.

ABV and Shinano Kenshi of Japan have in 2010 formed a Joint Venture Sales Company, Aspina ABV Technologies Pvt Ltd, to promote sales of Hybrid Stepper and BLDC motors and other products in India and neighbouring countries.

About Company

ABV Machine Works Pvt Ltd

ABV Machine Works Pvt Ltd., focused on Heavy metal fabrication, customised Drums, Roller, Idlers for or Mining Industries and also we perform as a SSAB authorised Hardox processing centre for South Bangalore. The Special projects team executing metal infrastructure projects for new Project establishments & expansions.

We design, Manufacture several types of pulleys for bulk material handling conveyors which suits customer’s specifications and precession engineered for perfect performance.

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Chasis, Screen Box, Vibrating Grid, Belt Feeder Conveyor, Tail Conveyor, Folding Auxillary Conveyor, Product Conveyor, Hopper, Structure, Mixer.

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Hardox Wear parts is an international network for manufacturers-of high-quality wear parts. The members only use Hardox and share our objective…

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Fabrication Machineries, Testing Facilities, Quality Certificates, Infrastructure, Awards & Recognition.

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ABV Engineers & Consultants Pvt Ltd

ABV Engineers & Consultants is focused with the sales of Press Safety Products from Riken Optech – Japan, Press Room Automation products from Amada ORII, Japan, Forging Machineries from Manyo, Japan. Also we are supporting to HVAC and AC Refrigeration components as Pressure switched from Match-Well-China, Thermostats from Foshan Tongbao-China, Control valves for Refrigerates from Sanhua-China.

Load Monitors, Slug Detection Systems, Safety Light Curtains, Press Malfunction Detectors, Stop Time Measurement, Programmable Rotory CAM, Die Monitoring Systems, Down Time Monitor.

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3 In 1 Straightener, Press Machines, Tandem Line

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Match-Well group of companies has into HVAC business since 1974. They are the largest manufacturer of Pressure control valves for HVAC Industry.

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Foshan is headquartered in, China, manufacturing thermostats and supporting solutions for the fields of home appliances, automobiles, compressors,

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Sanhua is a leading HVAC&R manufacturer of controls and components with a global footprint and 30 years of experience. Sanhua is a leading

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Aspina ABV Technologies Pvt Ltd

Aspina ABV Technologies is joint venture company of Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd – Japan., develops and manufactures precision motors, drives, modules and a variety of different systems under the brand name of ASPINA. These motors are used primarily in the automation, environmental, automative and health and welfare sectors.

36C series (SST/Bipolar), 42C series (SST/Unipolar), 42C series (SST/Bipolar), 56C series (SST/Unipolar),

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Brushless DC motor with 42/60mm gear box

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Most of the competitor products correspond one-to-one with one end effector.  ASPINA robotic gripper utilizes the…

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5kPa Blower, 10kPa Blower

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4-piston air compressor

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The DRP-9338 series canned motor pump is ideal for any coolant distribution unit (CDU) used in liquid…

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Indian people are good at analysis and developing concepts. This has made our nation a software powerhouse. We have also made impacts in services and consulting. I feel we have now begun our next journey, that of frugal engineering and low cost manufacturing.

ABV is striving hard to assemble people of diverse background from across India to pursue our core activities of steel fabrication, trading of engineering products, and turnkey installation of machines.

We provide our products and services to domestic companies as well as to foreign companies with base in India.

Dr. Binod Bhartia
Managing Director
ABV Group of Companies

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