ABV Engineers

ABV Engineers & Consultants Pvt Ltd

ABV Engineers & Consultants is focused with the sales of Press Safety Products from Riken Optech – Japan, Press Room Automation products from Amada ORII, Japan, Forging Machineries from Manyo, Japan. Also we are supporting to HVAC and AC Refrigeration components as Pressure switched from Match-Well-China, Thermostats from Foshan Tongbao-China, Control valves for Refrigerates from Sanhua-China.

  • Controls For HVAC & Refrigeration From Sanhua, Match­Well, And Tongbao From China
  • Press & Tool Safety Products From Riken Optech, Japan
  • Vibration Testing Systems From Saginomiya Seisakusho, Japan
  • Coil Feeder Lines From Oriimec, Japan
  • Forging Machines From Manyo, Japan

Our Products


Load Monitors, Slug Detection Systems, Safety Light Curtains, Press Malfunction Detectors, Stop Time Measurement, Programmable Rotory CAM, Die Monitoring Systems, Down Time Monitor.

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Amada ORII

3 In 1 Straightener, Press Machines, Tandem Line

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Match-Well group of companies has into HVAC business since 1974. They are the largest manufacturer of Pressure control valves for HVAC Industry.

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Foshan is headquartered in, China, manufacturing thermostats and supporting solutions for the fields of home appliances, automobiles, compressors,

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Sanhua is a leading HVAC&R manufacturer of controls and components with a global footprint and 30 years of experience. Sanhua is a leading

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