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Foshan Tongbao of China (http://www.fstbhy.com.cn) is the world’s largest maker of thermostats for refrigeration and air conditioners.

Foshan is headquartered in, China, manufacturing thermostats and supporting solutions for the fields of home appliances, automobiles, compressors, commercial kitchens, low voltage/electricity, medical equipment, security, cabinets, office/communication equipment, etc,.

We at ABV Engineers & Consultants supplying Thermostats to major refrigeration and Air conditioner manufacturers since 2010.
Capillary Type - Semi-Auto Defrost Thermostats
  • CQC,VDE,UL certified
  • – 40 deg to + 40 Deg operating range
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WYD Temperature Limiter
  • High power electric water heaters, electric boilers, & electric appliances
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One Shot Type Over Heat Protector
  • For one time over heating appliances
  • Suitable for Electric heater, electric bucket, oven, coffee maker, bread machine, printers
  • Variants available as SPST, SPDT.
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  • Suitable for thermal radiation control on various electric heating appliances including electric hairdryers, electric heaters, warm air blowers, dehumidifiers, stewpots, etc.
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KSD308 16A Manual Reset Thermostat
  • The series ofKSD308 that is of double-pole structure falls in the category of manual reset type thermal protector. Used in high-duty electric water heater for overheating protection.
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