About ABV India

About ABV Group

ABV Group, founded on 12 January 2000 in Bangalore, is focussed on Steel Fabrication, Installation of Machines, and Trading. We operate through below two companies.

ABV Engineers & Consultants Pvt Ltd

A Sales Company, deals with:
  • Controls for HVAC & Refrigeration from Sanhua, Match­Well, and Tongbao from China
  • Press & Tool Safety Products from Riken Optech, Japan
  • Vibration Testing Systems from Saginomiya Seisakusho, Japan
  • Coil Feeder Lines from Oriimec, Japan
  • Forging Machines from Manyo, Japan

ABV Machine Works Pvt Ltd

A Manufacturing & Services Company, deals with:
  • Steel Sub­assemblies for Mining, Concrete, and Construction Machines
  • Drums and Rollers with and without Rubber Lagging
  • Base Frames for Press Machine, DG Set, etc
  • Steel Floors around Large Size Press Machines
  • Steel Frames for Assembly Lines in Factories
  • Die Plates
  • Installation of Machines

ABV and Shinano Kenshi of Japan have in 2010 formed a Joint Venture Sales Company, Shinano ABV Technologies Pvt Ltd, to promote sales of Hybrid Stepper and BLDC motors and other products in India and neighbouring countries.